Why Write ?

Rewrite, don’t use too many adverbs, use first person, don’t use third . . . do this, don’t do that. I hear my mother in the background saying the same thing don’t! Why can’t we just write what we feel? Isn’t that what writings all about? If it doesn’t free us why do it? Get it out on paper then figure it out later, learning as you grow.

Enjoy your life and your uniqueness because there is only one you, there has never been anyone like you nor will there ever be another like you.

Agatha Christie the best-selling author of all time, after the Bible and William Shakespeare said she had fun writing her novels. Make sure you have fun too! Don’t let joy stealers hijack it and have you come down so hard on yourself making you believe it’s not up to par. After all it’s your artwork!

What makes you feel pressured and hinders your creativity? What’s your remedy?



Image pixabay.com

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