Who do you run with? The doomsayers or the encouragers?

Who do you run with? The doomsayers or the encouragers? Personally I hope I will always have encouragers in my life, and be one myself, not merely a shallow yes person.

Do you have a writer buddy who will encourage you when you’re feeling less than encouraged to persevere?

Do you belong to a constructive writing group, or one that leaves you feeling less than worthy, if so get out – quick! you won’t last the distance. It matters who you associate with if you want to make it and makes sense to follow a worthy blogger who will encourage and motivate you and helps you achieve your goals.

Writers are one of the best breed of people! They are usually generous, helpful and truly want to help you grow into what you were meant to write. I am always amazed at how generous true writers are with their time and expertise. They are smart enough to know that there is more than enough to go around for everybody just look at the variety of writers in the world!

We are all unique, and we all have a place. So write that which you know you were meant to write. The most important thing is have fun doing it, know it’s okay to enjoy your life. It’s more than okay, it’s a necessity to have absolute fun along the way!

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