In the end you can’t think! How does it sneak up? Before you know it not only is there cluttered in the back room, but your mind as well. What to throw out physically and mentally?

Well, just having come back from our first real long holiday. I can categorically tell you now we’re home we’re gunho ready to go, out with the old and hold back on taking in anything new – definitely!

Just as you go on holidays to rest. Declutter the old grey cells too by starting with your surrounds!

Tell me what’s first on your list to declutter!


Image  clutter  box  spice

6 thoughts on “Declutter!

  1. Not sure where to begin or where to take the “clutter” once I’ve cleared it out, lol. But de-clutter I must. I want to start the new year (can you believe we’re 3 mos away?) with an empty garage, closets free from unworn clothing, shoes, and accessories. I want one set of matching luggage in good condition and no more hand-me-down items that I never did anything with.

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