E-Book versus Paperback

I found this interesting article on the future of ebooks and paper back. I believe it holds some truth, personally find the old fashioned method of reading suits me best, and conducive to my lifestyle. Waterstone’s founder Tim Waterstone says that the ebook revolution is over.
The Guardian reports that Waterstone, who founded the British bookstore chain in 1982, gave an impassioned speech about the future of books at Oxford Literary Festival. It’s in the interests of ebook publishers to perpetuate the notion that the paperback is dead: More information: Click Here and Click Here
A successful literary agent Louise Fury advises her authors to have one foot in traditional print and the other in digital. Click Here
Which would you think is the way of the future?


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4 thoughts on “E-Book versus Paperback

  1. Book stores in my area are closing their doors right and left. I prefer a book, not some technical do-hickey. I have to drive 50 miles now to buy books! Its very discouraging for those of us that love to read and for authors, too.

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