Living The Dream Part 1

There are many things to break your focus this is a good reminder to keep on top of it.

AM Simpson

There are many things that can get in your way whether its outright time wasters, genuine emergencies or a young family just to name a few. There is always something to take you away from writing or some other thing that you have set your mind on doing. We have good reasons and even better intentions, but a year down the track where do you want to be in life? Not just financially but spiritually, emotionally, socially, fitness and health wise? I heard it said and I don’t remember the source, it’s not original, that ‘if you haven’t changed in a year it’s because you haven’t read enough good books.’ Books do change you.

The perfect time to do the things you love that will in turn get you to your goals is now.

Take time during the day to do that one thing that you wanted. It’s not a…

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