Lost and Found

When our beloved family cat went missing a few weeks ago, I was so surprised at how frantic I felt. There was something wrong because he never goes away for a whole day and night. I know it’s a common saying ‘we don’t realize how much things mean to us until they are gone.’ But, oh how true.

My suspicions were right, and cutting a long story short, he was found thanks to his microchip. He had spent the night accidentally locked in a room of a public building. They said when they opened the door in the morning he was sitting in the middle of the table making the most terrible noise, crying his eyes out. I thought that’s my boy, a real little show cat.

Animal control carted him off in a cage, and when I saw him in the cage he started meowing; his sweet innocent little face replaced with an older, wiser and not so happy little cat. I swept him up and held him in my arms all the way home and he slowly turned back into his happy little self again.

He is such a character, he rolls over, comes and stays on command just like a dog, sleeps on his back with rabbit paws. What is it about certain cats with personality plus that seem to be able to tap into our affections? Is it their unique extroverted expressions that invokes a sense of tenderness within ourselves capturing our imaginations and love? A sense that all is right in our corner of the world when we know our beloved pets are well and happy?

Have you ever had a pet go missing? Did you find them again?

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