Living The Dream Part 2

“The successful warrior is the average man, with lazer focus.” Bruce Lee.

It’s very difficult to stay motivated for authors if what they constantly look at has nothing to do with it. Are you checking out other writers blogs, reading, jotting down ideas, googling ways to inspire and improve yourself? Because what you put in front of your eyes has more of an influence on you than we would like to admit. That’s why advertising is so successful.

Joel Olsteen a famous author said he would place an opened book of his father’s on the hallway table where he had to walk by and see it every day, to remind himself that he could be a successful author.

Just as you go to work each day dedicate a time to write each day, it could become repetitious, but at least you wont forget your own characters. Your reward is when you have a good day having written a satisfactory amount in your own estimation, not in others.

Deliberately think about writing throughout the day, jot down ideas and look them over later, reinforce confidence in your abilities you are an author and you can do this. A true author will be rewarded by doing what they know they were meant to do – write.

There is so much out there to help. I discovered a good site the other day to help with writing motivation click here.

Also thanks to the people who helped me find this post that I accidentally deleted as it miraculously reappeared back in my drafts.


Living The Dream Part 1

There are many things that can get in your way whether its outright time wasters, genuine emergencies or a young family just to name a few. There is always something to take you away from writing or some other thing that you have set your mind on doing. We have good reasons and even better intentions, but a year down the track where do you want to be in life? Not just financially but spiritually, emotionally, socially, fitness and health wise? I heard it said and I don’t remember the source, it’s not original, that ‘if you haven’t changed in a year it’s because you haven’t read enough good books.’ Books do change you.

The perfect time to do the things you love that will in turn get you to your goals is now.

Take time during the day to do that one thing that you wanted. It’s not a ‘reward’ it should be a way of life, whether it’s taking a walk along the beach, going to the gym, reading your novel or soaking in a bubble bath. Work that needs to be done will always be there, also organization is key. Getting up earlier than usual helps you get things out-of-the-way and delegate some of the responsibilities to other members of your household, team, etc.

Do your work at a specific time each day to get you to your goals, whatever time works best for you. As a writer I find that mornings are best, it’s general consensus that one is fresher and more alert. Don’t believe me? I challenge you to get a log book and do your own comparisons. Without delving into the popular yuppie, yippie, hippie hey whatever thoughts of the day. I don’t believe in night and day persons, it’s just a cop out for not having to get up in the mornings. Granted there are some who have completely valid reasons why they can’t function in the mornings. I’m not talking about people who have health issues, on medication, night shift workers or mothers with screaming babies, but for the general lot. I mention this because for a lot of years I used it as an excuse especially when there was something good on TV and I’m sure if you were honest you did too, but this is another story.

Thanks for reading Part I of my first post Living the Dream? I hope you will and continue to do what you know you were called to do.


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