Brain Food Final Part 2

Recently on the news it was reported that a lack of sleep actually causes a degree of brain damage, so getting enough sleep is important.

If we don’t drink enough water but wait until we get thirsty it’s a definite sign that we are already dehydrated. Water is also needed for blood circulation without adequate amounts it thickens and causes the heart to strain, the heart is then expected to pump thick honey like consistency through its chambers.

Whey powder is another miracle food, has many benefits and am absolutely in love with it.

Cod Liver Oil – unpleasant as it is, (is available in capsules) has startling benefits to the brain, skin, bones. Click Here.

New recommendations for Cod Liver Oil in regards to the ratio of Vitamin D and E could be harmful if not taking the correct amount. Carlson’s seem to be the best brand: Click Here.

Juicing green leafy vegetables, carrots, apple and beetroot can make you look younger, can reverse even chronic fatigue in some according to the famous Cherie Calbom, Juice Lady. (Too much fruit is not good for the sugar content.) Click Here.

Breast cancer can be a Vitamin D3 deficiency and literally only costs cents a month to supplement your diet, again do your research and don’t just grab a bottle of the supermarket shelf. Take into account what part of the world you live, your diet and whether you get enough sun etc.

Natural Vitamin E that contains all its components is still the best antioxidant, but taking the popular type sold in stores that contains only one component can actually do more harm than good.  Dr. Mercola Click Here.

Medical professionals are great if you need medication or an operation, they are not required to learn about natural supplements or diet. Naturopaths are useful. I am not saying that you shouldn’t go to your GP but just be wise.

I am not a health expert, this information is common knowledge neither suggesting for anyone to replace proven medical treatment in favor of natural remedies, or go off their medication. Just be informed and keep an open mind.

Copywrite Anne Simpson 2014

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